Massive Full Color Printing

You've seen the vehicle wrap, now check out the building wrap!

I'm always interested in printing projects that are mind-bogglingly massive. Vehicle wraps on buses fall into this category, as do billboards, jumbo banners, and those truly epic ads covering the entire side of a downtown highrise.

Check out this AdAir production in Dubai – the Guinness World Record holder for the largest banner ad ever!

But I've got to wonder, during a time of economic downswing, are we going to see advertisers opting for smaller, more economical forms of printing, like business cards, club cards, and flyers?

As it is the absolute epic peak of elections season, it's hard to spot money-saving trends in the U.S. October is THE month for election campaign printing and political printing, so massive billboards, banners, and vehicle wraps are still extremely popular. It's almost like campaigners are just trying to ignore the whole economic recession thing until after the elections.

Over in Europe, on the other hand, we're seeing printing and print design run the gamut from crashing revenue for advertisers (in London) to utter obliviousness (in Amsterdam).

A recent blurb in AdAge slammed Amsterdam creatives for ignoring the economic downturn, and I can't say I disagree. In a city that experiences so much tourism and sees so much money come through, you can observe print design of a truly phenomenal nature on a daily basis.

One spectacular piece of print design seen throughout Amsterdam is the building cover. Rather than drape construction in tarps in Amsterdam, construction companies have covers specially designed to look like the building they're working on. Construction on the inside; artsy building print on the outside. On all four sides!


Now that's some HUGE full color printing!

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