Vehicle Wrapping The NYC Subway System

It's History (Channel) in the making.

A couple of weeks ago, I was blogging about how taxis should take advantage of vehicle wrapping to help increase their revenue. Advertising on your vehicle = free money, right?

Well, taxis have yet to take my brilliant advice, but the good people over at New York's Metropolitan Transit Authority certainly have!

Okay, so there's a slight chance they didn't get the idea from me, but regardless, the MTA is getting set to unveil the very first, fully wrapped subway car!

[Cue wild applause.]

That's right. Vehicle wrapping has come to the underground world of the subway system. And while the print ads are still stuck on the walls in the Paris metro, the route between Grand Central and Times Square is officially the first vehicle wrapped route in New York history.

The move comes as a response to the MTA's strapped budget, which is projected to be in the red by almost $900 million in the coming year.

Although no one will say how much it costs to vehicle wrap a subway, we do know that the ad space was bought up by The History Channel – a brand that itself has a long history of advertising with NYC. As was the case in the past, it seems to be the sense of history inherent in the city itself that draws The History Channel to want to brand itself alongside the New York landscape.

I'm guess the vehicle wrap will be along the same tasteful, clever lines as the majority of The History Channel's print advertising.

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