Teachers Union Printing Banned From Classrooms

Should teachers keep political opinions to themselves?

Across the country, teachers unions have been distributing button printing in favor of the Obama – Biden Presidential campaign.

Unions are encouraging teachers to wear the buttons to school, and some unions are even running email campaigns asking teachers to come to school dressed in “Obama blue.”

Now, however, the Board of Education is putting a stop to it. They say there is a long-standing policy in place against the distribution or presentation of union printing promoting political ideologies in schools.

A similar incident occurred in 1969 when teachers were barred from wearing black armbands, or coming to school with political printing speaking out against the Vietnam war.

Union reps say that teachers have the right to freedom of expression, but the Board of Education says that school is no place for politics, and that parents are complaining.

What do you think, should union printing, particularly of a political nature, be allowed in schools?

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