Full Color Printing in the Paris Metro

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Sorry it's been so long since my last post. The massively overfunded blogging department here at Hotcards sent me on a trip around the world to check out the full color printing scene in the major cities of Europe. Long story short, I've been busy with reconnaissance work, finding out just what good print design is in the Old Country.

My first stop was Paris, where I was blown away by the awesome, and dare I say, avant-garde, full color printing on display in the French capital's extensive Metro (subway) system.

The funny thing about the Metro in Paris is that it's a lot how you might imagine it. Really fancy! Everything's all glossy white tile and artfully chosen fonts, and the tunnels and stops are lined with giant posters and what I guess you might call underground billboards…


The uber-fanciest thing, though, is that often these pieces of printing are actually set in elaborate frames that are painted with gold leaf or glazed in bright blue, green, and brown. Not a bad way to have your print designs displayed!



The only challenge faced by full color printing in the Paris underground is that often, Metro stops are designed around a particular theme or art concept, so the print advertising has to compete for attention with the architecture.



That being said, there seems to be no limit on the creative freedom given to Parisian print designers. Most of the full color printing in the Metro looks like it could have come out of an art or fashion magazine. And some of it is seriously adult! So maybe the space and the printing don't compete so much as complement each other.

Overall, it seems that full color printing is in huge demand both below and above ground in Paris. The biggest brands in the world run campaigns here so huge that you gotta wonder. Where did they get that printed?

Hmm. I wonder what the biggest thing Hotcards ever printed is? I'll have to ask somebody about that, or maybe you can tell me? The investigation begins…


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