Boeing Workers Break Out The Union Printing

Machinists' union hits the picket line.

At 12:01 on Saturday night, the machinists union at Boeing went on strike after lengthy contract talks with Boeing Company. That's 27, 000 union members assembling picket signs and carrying union printing up and down the line.

Their strike slogan is, “It's Our Time, This Time,” a slogan that seems to be directed as much at union negotiators as at Boeing. Union workers actually voted to strike as early as Thursday, with a massive 87% majority voting to walk out.

By the time a strike was actually called on Saturday, union workers were plenty peeved about the 48-hour delay, which may have inspired the “Union Time” theme.

During the delay, the union had plenty of time to put together its logos, slogans, and designs for union printing. So far on the picket line, we've seen apparel, signs, stickers, and multiple unique banner designs, all bearing the union printing bug.

Even though it's not us on strike, union printers are closely involved with strike actions all across the country. Our printing walks the picket line with strikers seeking fair wages and benefits, and we put our speedy machines and commitment to quality into every piece of union printing we produce.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Boeing strike might be a long one, which is always hard on union workers and their families. As happy as union printers are to print for strikers, we'd just as soon see everybody back at work and happy.

When it comes to the time question, the Machinist Union's strike slogan bears a kind of double message. On the one hand, it says to Boeing “don't waste our time.” On the other, it seems to say that their time is theirs to use as they see fit. Which means if they have to wait, they will.


The union's print slogans vow to fight “one day longer,” than Boeing can hold out. Hopefully strikers won't have to hold out through the winter.

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