SEIU Makes Big Plans, Prints Big Vehicle Wraps

Look out! Union printing on the move!

The Service Employees International Union is having a busy summer, and so are their printers! Besides the usual union printing staples, such as signs, brochures, and apparel printing, the SEIU has been drawing media attention with large-scale vehicle wrapping.

If you haven't seen them yet, you're likely to see a giant purple caravan rolling through town any day now. The SEIU's Take Back Labor Day Caravan consists of a semi-trailer, an RV, and a bus, all wrapped in signature SEIU purple. The caravan is currently on an interstate tour to raise awareness about issues facing union workers in the upcoming elections.

And trust me, you've never seen giant purple vehicle wrapping like this before! The SEIU's goal with this union printing was to generate media attention, and their bold color choice certainly makes them hard to ignore.

The caravan ends its tour Sept. 1st in St. Paul's at the Take Back Labor Day concert, which looks incredibly exciting. Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, Atmosphere, Steve Earle and many others will be performing. Talk about a great conclusion to a union printing bonanza!

I may have to head down to Minnesota myself and check it out. Maybe I can get my very own SEIU union printed t-shirt!

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