Gang-Run Printing

Not actually run by gangs.

There's a new Design Idea of the Week up, and it's all about how businesses can collaborate on print advertising in order to build a sense of community. Products like multi-ad door hangers and postcards are great community-building tools, and by advertising collaboratively, businesses enjoy a very, very low bottom line.

What you probably didn't know is that if you print with Hotcards, you're already getting super low prices thanks to membership in a community: the gang-run printing community.

That's right. You're in a gang and you didn't even know it! But don't worry, this gang isn't about any of that crazy 'blood in, blood out' stuff. And 'gang-run printing' doesn't refer to printing run by gangs. In fact, it's more about saving money, and doing something good for the environment.

One of the first steps in any offset printing job is to make plates, which are impressions on aluminum sheets of the images to be printed. In CMYK printing, four plates are produced uniquely for each color. Sounds pricey, right? Most people don't want to pay for all that plate making just to get a few business cards!

That's where gang-run printing comes in. In a gang-run, multiple printing jobs are put together on the same plate. This massively offsets your printing costs, and makes the best possible use of each plate that's created, which is the eco-friendly way to go.

In an average gang-run, your printing project might get grouped together with business cards, postcards, election campaign literature, and concert posters – a 'gang' of different printing projects.

Gaps, or bleed areas, are left between each project so that there's plenty of room to cut cleanly and accurately. If you didn't know your print job had been part of a gang run, you'd never know the difference – except in your bank account!

I thought you might like to know about gang-run printing because it's cool to feel like you're part of a community, and nice to know that you're enjoying some pretty spectacular prices because of it. It's kind of how consumers feel when they receive multi-ad printing from local businesses in their neighborhood. Cheesy, perhaps, but true.

Just remember, this 'gang' is about community, not building massive criminal empires and wearing tacky bandanas. If gangsters ever do offer to do your printing for you, call the proper authorities.

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