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When you order full color printing on the web, it can be kinda scary. Who are these people you're entrusting with first business cards, your concert posters, your campaign door hangers, your wedding invitations?

What if, you think, this company is full of really mean people? Or what if they're not people at all? What if they're robots that don't care if your printing is done on time – that don't have an eye for those little details that take a project from good to great? Or, worst of all, what if there's actually nobody there on the other end of your order? No one to pick up the phone? No one to care about the thank-you card you send?

To alleviate some of these and other web-based full color print order concerns, the totally-non-robot folks at Hotcards have started to put together some videos, introducing themselves and life around the Hotcards office. Check it out.

You can see more on our YouTube channel here. And hopefully, as we go along, we'll get our very own full color printing video player, because we're just fancy like that.

I'll post links to new videos up here on the blog. Until then, here are a few more shots from around the office:

The entrance lobby – Coffee! Popcorn! Swivelly armchairs!


Lauren and Diana hard at work in the design department:


Carlos using the breakout room to do something that robots would totally never do:


Looking on in awe as Glen does his design thing:


One of our two full color printers:




The CMYK wall:


Some full color printing projects on the go:



And last but not least, the truck. Tell me, would robots have such a nicely designed truck?


(The answer is no, they would not.)

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