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Popular viral video has its roots in print and print design.

Hidden away behind most great marketing campaigns, there's a great printer. And hidden away behind every great printer, there's a whole host of equipment and print media required to do the job.

But the people and equipment behind marketing campaigns don't always get a lot of attention, which is probably what UK-based company Clustarack had in mind when they created this viral video:

By now, the video has spread all across the internet, and has been seen by many people outside the printing industry, most of whom are asking the question, “what the heck is Clustarack?”

It's not complicated. Just a nifty, well-designed paper roll storage system. But as the video shows, for a disorganized printer (I've heard those exist somewhere…), Clustarack could be the difference between good design and disaster.

Of greater interest to ad world watchdogs is the subject of this style of video. Let's face it – it's been done and redone. By the time Honda brought out its domino-effect ad, it was already ripping off the work of a couple of swiss cog effect artists from the 1980s.

But Clustarack's ad is somewhat unique. Unlike previous domino effect ads that we've seen, Clustarack's focuses on a trail of destruction, as opposed to smooth functionality. And I don't think you need to work in the printing industry to cringe as you watch this workspace fall apart.

The other cool thing worth noting about this video is that Clustarack does have some small historical right to the concept. Regardless of who made the video first, the concept of the 'cog' or 'domino' effect, or 'contraption' dates back to the Rube Goldberg machine, which was born in the world of print illustration.

Rube Goldberg was an artist and cartoonist best know for his illustrations of incredibly complex, convoluted machines designed to perform simple tasks. In both appearance and function, Rube Goldberg machine illustrations are the clear predecessors of this now-popular style of video.

As you can see, despite what critics might say, the printing industry is the clear and rightful inheritor of this concept. Score another point for great print product innovation!


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