Union Printing on House, M.D.

Echoes of the writers strike in Hollywood

Are the screenwriters back on strike? Nope, this is an image from the opening scene of this week's episode of House, MD – you know, that show about the angry doctor?

In this scene, the nursing union is walking a picket line outside the hospital featured in the show. Everything from color scheme, to font design, to the white space left for union strikers to write in their slogans, is a match to the writers' union print collateral. They've even got the same red t-shirts! No corners cut on apparel printing here.

Nurses Strike on House MD

So what's going on here? Is this the showrunners making use of leftover print materials, running out their retainer with union printers? Or are the folks over at House making a statement?

I've also got to wonder if a union printer did the printing for this fictional union strike. After the writers strike, are Hollywood and the printing industry best buds? I couldn't see a union bug on the 'nurses' signs, but you never know…

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