Obama ’08 Campaign Printing Tips

Printing palm cards for the Obama Election Campaign got me thinking about running for office when your budget is under the microscope.

Running for office? Don't worry, it's easy. Just get your name and issues out to millions of people as cheaply and quickly as possible. Oh, and don't forget to be inspiring and make a dramatic impact while you're at it.

Recently, Hotcards did some printing work for the Barrack Obama Presidential Campaign. It's always exciting to be involved with work for a presidential candidate, and we really got to enjoy the whole campaign trail vibe, as the work was done through our Philadelphia office, but he was actually in our home branch city of Cleveland when the printing was done.

It wasn't a huge job, by Hotcards standards, but it did give us a lot to talk about around the office. The job that we did was for palm cards. Palm cards get distributed at rallies and other political functions, and as you can see, they concisely illustrate the major issues on a candidate's campaign platform.

Palm Card Printing Job done by Hotcards for Obama 08

You can learn more about palm cards here.

Without wanting to turn this into a blatant promotion of our services, I wanted to talk about several reasons why the Obama campaign and Hotcards are able to work so well together. These reasons are summed up by the slogan on our front page: “Lowest Cost Full Color Printer in the Nation,” but if you read on, I think you'll find that they also have a lot to do with the state of our government and of the electoral process itself.

First of all, the cost of this election season is through the roof. Not only is it going to be very long, but many states are now moving up the date of their primary elections, which means that candidates are going to have to raise a lot of money, very fast, in order to get the exposure they need to be serious contenders come as early as next February.

The palm card, then, becomes the ideal campaigning tool. It's small, efficient, and particularly when purchased from a gang-run printer like Hotcards, very inexpensive. During an election period when everybody's got their eyes on the bottom line, palm cards advertise a candidate's eye to economy almost in and of themselves.

And let's face it; we need elected officials that don't waste money. We live in the richest country in the world and we don't even have universal health care. My nephew breaks his arm in Concord, and gets his girlfriend to drive him to Montreal for medical attention.

Anybody who's making good financial decisions on the campaign trail shows at least some promise of using similar sense when in office.

The second thing to consider about these palm cards is that, clearly, cheap does not have to mean ugly. Hotcards does FULL COLOR printing, which means no printer song and dance to the effect of, “Our rate is for ONE color, two colors will cost extra! You didn't want more than one color anyway, did you?”

Give me a break!

Obviously, Obama campaigners feel the same, because we're seeing no shortage of color use on his campaign signage. Look to any of Obama's print materials to see how color can be used to fantastic impact, without making the design too busy.

And what do these designs say about Barrack Obama, and all candidates who don't limit their colors or their imaginations when it comes to designs? They say that we are young, we are new, we have new ideas, new ways of approaching politics, and we are not going to be like our predecessors.

And there you have it. Full color + low cost = good campaign sense. In fact, it might make sense to endorse the use of Hotcards on all campaign materials printed by us – then voters would know that their favorite candidate didn't overspend on printing…oh wait, I promised this wouldn't turn into a blatant product push, didn't I? Oh well, maybe just a brief mention in a speech sometime…no pressure or anything…

Printing 07.03.2007

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