The Design Police

At last, law and order come to the world of print design geekery.

Ever run across a print design that's so lame, unimaginative, or poorly executed that you felt compelled to express your indignation? If you're anything like me, you probably get this feeling several times a day. Especially when you see work put out by some big company that's supposed to be bringing the quality. But what can you do?

In the old days, you might have had to file a report with the Bureau of Design Investigation, which would take months to process, and probably come to nothing. But those days of frustrating paperwork are over, thanks to the Design Police.

Design Police Sticker Screenshot 1

Their slogan is, “Bring bad design to justice.” On their website, you can download sheets of stickers that you will be able to use to make your critical designer's voice heard, and ultimately, make the world a better place.

Design Police Sticker Screenshot 2

Five uniquely cool templates (so far!) focus on different design crimes, ranging from poorly executed copywriting and typography, to weak graphic design and more obscure elements like botchery of style and tone.

Design Police Sticker Screenshot 3

Design Police Sticker Screenshot 4

Print 'em on some sticker paper, cut 'em up, carry 'em in your wallet, and never settle for muttering under your breath about lousy print design ever again!

Hopefully, the Design Police will continue to put out more of these cool templates. What I'd like to see are stickers geared towards political campaign advertising, and other industries where so much of the print collateral doesn't quite seem to have fully engaged with the 21st century.

It would also be nice to have stickers that let you give props to designs that are exceptionally cool. It's only fair, right?


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