The 10 Greatest Moments in Printing of 2007: 10 – 6

It's the most anticipated end-of-year list in the history of printing, at last!

Print and Online Advertising Joined Forces on the Campaign Trail

I've been seeing it since the earliest days of election season, and I'm liking it. We all knew that this would be the year of online campaigning for Presidential primary candidates, but who could have guess that campaigning online and campaigning in print would go together so swimmingly? We are seeing everything from print designs featured prominently in online videos and photoblogs, to web design techniques showing up on signs and booklets! The best example of this trend appeared in the YouTube/CNN debates, where the line between web and print designed seemed to blur and disappear on a stage where all media was good media.

At Last, Design-Consciousness Came to Election Campaigning
Bland red, white, and blue patriotism went out this year in favor of personalized logos and print design. Each primary candidate on the campaign trail has a design that says something distinctive about them and their vision. And at least a few of the candidates have some uniquely clever print collateral. My personal favorite design-wise is the < a href="">Obama campaign, as I've mentioned a few times over the last year. Who would you elect the next President-by-design?

The HOW Design Conference
This year's HOW Design Conference was the best yet. There's nothing like meeting like-minded people who love to talk about their work as much as you do! We're already looking forward to next year, can't wait to see y'all again!

DIY Political Campaigning
In the early, wild days of American politics, it wasn't unusual to see average citizens printing political literature, and even getting in fistfights in support of their favorite candidates. In 2007, this DIY political ethic came back in full force, at least in terms of printing. Candidates like dark horse Ron Paul have enjoyed massive support from voters who are independently printing posters, brochures, and booklets to promote their personal feelings about who should be the next President. Often, however, print campaigns launched by individuals are based around a broader concept, like “get off your ass and vote!” The trend towards DIY print campaigning is on the rise thanks in no small part to the newly affordable nature of full color printing. Nowadays, anyone can be an advertising mogul.

The Signs That Shouted Louder Than Words
This wasn't a turning point, it wasn't a trend, it was simply a moment, caught on video, that spoke volumes about the power of print. As a protestor confronts Hillary Clinton at a rally, the video shows dozens of supporters raising their signs in the air, the squares of heavy paper blotting the lone protester out. I don't know if the dissenter had a point or not, but in the future, he should come armed with his own full color printing.


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